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ExxonMobil aviation distributor helps Ethiopian Airlines maintain reputation as leading African airline

Aeroservices, a global lubricant distributor, offers technical support and high-quality products backed by ExxonMobil

The challenge

As one of Africa’s most modern fleets, Ethiopian Airlines’ operation is often a model for other growing airlines on the continent. To maintain this reputation, Ethiopian Airlines is committed to working alongside industry-leading partners to help ensure its fleet is running as reliably and efficiently as possible.

The airline often consults with Aeroservices, an ExxonMobil distributor, to evaluate the best-performing lubricants to reduce maintenance costs and unplanned downtime. The decade-long partnership between Ethiopian Airlines and Aeroservices continues to expand beyond simply offering product recommendations, with Aeroservices providing aircraft maintenance insights, information about new product technologies, and hydraulic fluid analysis, all backed by ExxonMobil.

When Ethiopian Airlines noticed that it was frequently replacing filters in the hydraulic systems of its aircraft, it quickly turned to Aeroservices for help. Ethiopian Airlines also turned to Aeroservices when it was made aware of multiple lubricant seal failures in the aircraft engines operated by one of its Total Care Partner airlines.

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The solution

Working closely with ExxonMobil experts, Aeroservices recommended Ethiopian Airlines convert the hydraulic fluid in its fleet to Mobil™ HyJet™ V, a hydraulic fluid designed to protect against wear, corrosion, erosion and deposit control under severe operating conditions. Aeroservices also recommended using Mobil Jet™ Oil II lubricant, given the oil’s excellent elastomer capability and seal compatibility.

The results

Ethiopian Airlines converted its fleet to Mobil HyJet V aviation hydraulic fluid and noticed immediate results. The new hydraulic fluid extended the life of the hydraulic system filters, ultimately reducing costs and unplanned downtime related to filter replacements.

In addition, Mobil Jet Oil II lubricant successfully eliminated leaks, helping reduce maintenance costs and preventing the Total Care Partner from having to deal with potential engine failures.

Solid expert-backed counsel and successful product conversions to ExxonMobil lubricants helped cement Ethiopian Airlines’ trust in Aeroservices, with Ethiopian Airlines now consulting with the distributor on day-to-day operations and maintenance for its own fleet as well as partner airlines’ fleets.

Aeroservices’ strong relationship with Ethiopian Airlines can be attributed to the aircraft maintenance expertise, technical support and high-quality products Aeroservices offers thanks to its partnership with ExxonMobil. According to Tamerayehun Danse, engine maintenance director at Ethiopian Airlines, both organizations’ field teams have become the airline’s go-to source for all things maintenance related, including hydraulic fluid analysis.

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This testimonial is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of aircraft used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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