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Charting a path to more sustainable shipping

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The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) sustainability ambitions for the global shipping industry have triggered widespread debate around the marine industry. To help vessel operators better prepare for the likely impact of these objectives, ExxonMobil hosted a virtual roundtable in collaboration with The Motorship to discuss the probable impact of the IMO’s goals on both fuel and lubricant selection.

This comprehensive analysis featured expert contributions from:

  • Unni Einemo, Director, International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA)
  • Yannis Chatzakis, Global Marine Technology Program Manager at ExxonMobil
  • Evi Politi, R&D Manager at Danaos Shipping
  • Christophe Pouts, Global Regulatory Affairs Advisor at ExxonMobil
  • Charlotte Røjgaard, Global Head of Marine Fuel Services VeriFuel at Bureau Veritas
  • James Sagar, Global Marine Sustainability Manager at SeaRiver Maritime
  • Andreas Schmid, General Manager Technology Development at WinGD

Together, they explored what fuel choices could lay ahead for vessel operators and how these could affect engine lubricant selection as well as operational practices.

A copy of the full white paper can be downloaded here.