MAN green deep sea engine

MobilGard™ advanced Cylinder Condition Monitoring  

The MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring programme is a comprehensive solution designed to protect your slow-speed marine main engine. ExxonMobil engineers initially review your specific engine and operating conditions in order to provide you a custom MobilGard cylinder lubricant recommendation. MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring programme is designed to provide ongoing monitoring of your engine and enable excellent engine protection.  CCM provides ongoing monitoring in order to identify early signs of corrosive and abrasive wear and to enable action to mitigate cold corrosion. It also enables monitoring of cat fines and associated wear, which helps to mitigate against potentially catastrophic engine failure. MobilGard CCM helps customers extend the life of your engine and reduce your total lubricant operating costs.
MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring helps ExxonMobil customers to: 

  1. Protect your engines
  2. Optimise cylinder oil feed rates
  3. Montior for wear and mitigate cold corrosion
  4. Reduce cylinder, piston and liner wear, and thereby extend overhaul intervals
  5. Reduce overall maintenance and operating costs

OEMs including MAN Diesel & Turbo and Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd  (formerly Wärtsilä) recommend scrape down oil analysis to monitor engines. MobilGard CCM programme includes scrapedown oil analysis testing and analysis.  
With 15 years of CCM experience and over 200,000 data samples, ExxonMobil has helped customers optimise their lubrication and protect their engines for many years.

Download the MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring fact sheet >

*When compared with vessel operators that are not using regular scrape down oil analysis

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