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Marine sustainability  

ExxonMobil recognises the importance of addressing sustainability in today’s global marketplace – balancing economic growth, social development and environmental protection so future generations are not compromised by actions taken today.

We have developed a wide range of fuels, mineral and synthetic lubricants, as well as services, offering the benefits of:

  • Reduced disposal of waste
  • Extended oil and equipment life
  • Reduced equipment maintenance and replacements

Our products

Our Mobil SHC™ Aware™ , Mobil SHC™ , and Mobil Delvac™ 1 synthetic lubricants offer potential energy efficiency and performance benefits.

Additionally, our ExxonMobil Premium ECA fuels help you comply with environmental regulations while delivering safe operational practices.


Our MobilGard℠ Cylinder Condition Monitoring programme helps fleet operators optimise oil feed rates, often decreasing oil consumption, while still ensuring your engine components are protected.

Our Signum℠ Oil Analysis programme monitors the condition of oil and marine equipment. It helps you reduce consumption, extend drain intervals, and respond proactively to contamination and other lubrication issues.

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