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EMF.5™ – ExxonMobil introduces its low-sulphur marine fuels range

ExxonMobil has introduced EMF.5™, its range of engineered marine fuels developed ahead of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) global 0.50% sulphur cap. All the fuels in the range are specifically engineered to help vessel operators comply with the 2020 regulations without compromising on quality.

All EMF.5 fuels announced to date are compatible with each other, provided that bunkering, storage and handling best practice guidance is followed. They also offer safe and efficient compliance with the IMO 2020 regulations. 

EMF.5 fuels not only meet the ISO 8217-2017 specification, they have also passed ExxonMobil’s rigorous fit-for-use assessments. This will allow our customers to bunker the high-quality, compliant options they need ahead of the IMO 2020 deadline.

This combination of characteristics will help ensure that vessel operators can continue to operate their main engines, auxiliary engines and boilers safely and efficiently when they switch to low-sulphur fuels. The cost of quality fuels is a small price to pay compared with the potential financial consequences following compatibility or performance problems.

“The increasing variety of fuels entering the market raises the potential of quality and compatibility challenges,” said Mike Noorman, Head of Fuels Technology, ExxonMobil Research & Engineering. “We have developed proprietary methods for modifying fuel composition to improve quality characteristics, such as combustion, stability, waxing and compatibility. Therefore, purchasing ExxonMobil’s EMF.5 fuels can help allay these concerns at a time of great change for the industry.” 

Visit our Journey to 2020’ information hub for further guidance and insights, and marine fuels, lubricants and services that will help operators on the final stretch of the journey to 2020 compliance.
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