Question, challenge, prepare: Making informed decisions ahead of 2020

Over the past year, our ExxonMobil marine experts have been speaking to customers around the world from 12 maritime hubs as part of our ‘Journey to 2020’ symposium series. The series highlighted a number of questions and uncertainties for procurement and operators from across the industry.

To continue supporting operators as we approach the final run-up to 2020, ExxonMobil held a live webinar highlighting the 10 key considerations vessel owners and operators need to know, to ensure they are ready for the transition.

The ‘Journey to 2020’ key takeaways included:

1. We are heading for a multifuel future

2. Fuel compatibility will be a concern

3. Financial management and compliance go hand in hand

4. Tank cleaning is important and often overlooked

5. Select cylinder oils that work with your fuel selection

The event, held in partnership with Marine Propulsion and industry influencer and IBIA Director Unni Einemo, also answered key questions from the audience – from operational issues to questions on cold corrosion and cat fines (and how to prevent them).

Click here to read the full event report on Marine Propulsion, including whether it is feasible to go for a multigrade fuel solution, and here to watch the full on-demand webinar.

An infographic compiling our top 10 tips for a smooth voyage to 2020 is also available for download here.

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