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Marine fuel oil ISO 8217:2017 – Information on specifications and tests

ExxonMobil offers a range of marine distillate fuels and heavy fuel oils. Our integrated supply chain enables the delivery of high-quality fuels in a safe and timely manner. Experienced technical support and sales teams can advise you on the most appropriate fuel for your fleet, as well as provide guidance for switching between different grades.

For a full summary of marine fuel oil specifications and tests, download the chart here.

ExxonMobil marine fuels specifications

Exxon Mobil Corporation and affiliated companies (ExxonMobil) supply marine fuels against the attached specifications, which apply to fuels manufactured by ExxonMobil and those purchased or exchanged or unless otherwise agreed. These specifications are regularly reviewed to encompass both equipment-builder and industry requirements, including standard-setting organisations such as ASTM and ISO.

These specifications comply with ISO 8217:2017. Therefore, please note that these specifications are subject to change without notice. In addition, local conditions may require deviation from published specifications or may offer a higher quality, but without guarantee. Please contact your ExxonMobil marine fuels representative regarding current typical qualities at your nominated bunker port. Final product quality specifications are subject to order confirmation details.

This document is supplied for information only and is not part of any contract for the supply of marine fuels. Any warranties as to the quality of marine fuels supplied will be set out separately in a contract with the relevant ExxonMobil marine fuels entity.

Sampling and delivery

In delivery of our marine fuel oils and distillates, ExxonMobil employs continuous drip samplers as the preferred method for obtaining representative samples of a marine fuel oil delivery. Samples are drawn following the procedures set out in the ExxonMobil Sampling Policy. Purchasers may wish to use the services of an independent survey at delivery.

Quantity measurement is according to the terms of the most current version of “ExxonMobil marine fuels general conditions of contract.” ExxonMobil uses certified calibrations of barges and tanks to determine quantities delivered.

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