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Marine fuel storage and handling

Proper handling, storage and treatment of marine fuels will ensure you maintain product quality. Here are some best practices. 

Purifier operation

  • Ensure fuel is within appropriate density parameters for the efficient operation of the purifier
  • Ensure the purifier inlet temperature is correct for the viscosity of the fuel in use
  • Ensure the purifier is operating at the minimum practical throughput to suit the vessel operation 


  • Handle fuel at correct temperature, pressure and viscosity
  • Clean fuel heaters regularly
  • Calibrate the pressure, temperature and viscosity control systems 


  • Drain tanks at least daily for accumulated water
  • Ensure the fuel is maintained at the appropriate temperature
  • Clean fuel tank bottoms at regularly scheduled intervals
  • Maintain fuel tank vents with correct-size mesh screening 


  • Check self-cleaning filters regularly
  • Keep strainers clean
  • Ensure wire mesh is in good condition
  • Keep fuel at appropriate temperatures