MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring (CCM) data reveals range of engine challenges facing operators

MAN green deep sea engine

With operators challenged by continued economic pressures and changing regulations, the need to protect engines and operate efficiently is more important than ever.

ExxonMobil’s MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring (CCM) programme is designed to help optimise engine protection and minimise operating costs. Analysis of more than 400,000 real-life data samples captured by the programme has revealed the most prominent challenges:

  • 50 per cent are not operating at optimal feed rates
  • 43 per cent have issues with cat fines, which can lead to catastrophic engine failure 
  • 15 per cent are suffering from cold corrosion, which can reduce engine life

This data has indicated that many vessel owners are facing a real risk of fatal engine failure. Regular analysis using the MobilGard Cylinder Condition Monitoring programme, combined with ExxonMobil expertise, can help customers optimise feed rates, extend engine life, and ultimately reduce overall operating costs.

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