ExxonMobil launches ECA Insight video series

Shipping port with crane

The marine industry is going through complex changes as a result of recent and impending environmental regulation. To help operators understand these challenges, ExxonMobil has launched its ECA Insight video series.

Comprised of five videos, the series examines the impact that emission control regulation has had on ship owners and highlights best practice recommendations for fuel and lubricant management, including:

  • How to switch between marine fuels when entering ECAs 
  • Top tips on how to safely handle and store fuel on board a vessel
  • The benefits of receiving a fuel delivery using a mass flow metering system

In this edition of Voyager we introduce the second video of the series, which highlights how ExxonMobil Premium ECA fuels can help operators to comply with sulphur emission legislation. We also examine how ExxonMobil’s research and engineering facility at Paulsboro, New Jersey, is leading the field in developing fuel products to help to meet the latest industry challenges.

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