ExxonMobil and The Motorship partner for lively industry debate

exxonmobil the motorship industry debate

Ahead of the 38th Motorship Propulsion & Emissions Conference in May, The Motorship hosted a roundtable in partnership with ExxonMobil. The lively two-hour discussion covered many industry challenges, including the increasing influence of environmental regulations on engine design, which present new challenges to operators as they seek to optimise engine condition and performance.

A range of industry experts attended the event – including representatives from Winterthur Gas & Diesel, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Wagenborg Shipping and Rickmers Shipmanagement – and addressed many of the uncertainties and complexities facing the industry.

The discussion provided insights into contemporary challenges faced by crews in light of technological advancement and the fast pace of the industry, and how cylinder scrape down oil analysis in 2-stroke engines can help operators identify and correct engine challenges by ensuring the appropriate lubricant and feed rate are applied. Without regular monitoring, ship owners and operators are unable to assess cylinder condition effectively, which can have a dramatic impact on vessel engines.

As further environmental legislation is introduced, new engine designs will continue to raise new demands on lubricants. Understanding the importance of purchasing quality over quantity to ensure optimal engine maintenance will be crucial. A full write-up of the roundtable will be available in the June issue of The Motorship.