ExxonMobil partners with Bunkerspot to lead debate on marine fuels at Nor-Shipping 2017

Voyager Newsletter

At this year’s Nor-Shipping, ExxonMobil will conduct a roundtable debate to explore the potential impact of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 0.5 per cent sulphur cap on future fuel selection and supply.

The debate will focus on the following areas of discussion:

  • Options for compliance
  • Lessons learnt from the introduction of the Emission Control Area (ECA) 0.10 per cent sulphur cap
  • Impact on engine operation and warranty
  • Fuel quality and compatibility issues
  • Availability and supply of new fuels
  • Impact on lubricant selection

Invited influential spokespeople will attend the debate, representing different perspectives from across the industry.

Watch out for full coverage of the debate on BunkerSpot in the next edition of Voyager.