Industry calls out for clarity on 2020

ExxonMobil Marine examines the use of Liquefied Natural Gas in addressing Sulphur Cap Challenge

The 2020 global 0.5% sulphur cap is drawing ever closer, yet the route to compliance remains unclear.

Recent findings from an ExxonMobil survey* revealed that 68% of respondents do not believe the marine industry is ready for the global sulphur cap.

Fuel mix make-up
When asked what the impact will be on the fuel mix, the outlook was uncertain. The industry expected the fuel mix to become more complex. 30% believe there will be a mix of Heavy Fuel Oils (HFO) and Marine Gas Oils (MGO) in use while 46% of respondents expect to see new low sulphur fuels developed. This will potentially lead to increased problems with fuel stability and compatibility. Operators should follow good practices in on-board fuel management to avoid costly maintenance.

The road to 2020
What’s clear in all this uncertainty is that operators need to consider the options available and work closely with trusted fuel and lubricant suppliers to make sure that come 2020 they can navigate the changes.

*This data was gathered by ExxonMobil’s latest industry pulse survey conducted in 2017. The survey provided a small sampling to gather general industry sentiment on the decision.