November 2016 Compass Chronicles

Emden is a significant trade center and transshipping port

Cargo ship in a river lock

Historians trace Emden’s origins back to A.D. 800. Seeing the possibilities, about that time, a number of merchants settled near the Ems River mouth to establish a trading centre. Two factors motivated the choice: the waterway and roads. This new beginning has given origin to what is today one of the Germany’s most important transhipping ports in the River Ems.

Cargo ship docked

Blohm & Voss A.G. - Full ahead for 72 years

In 1893, Hamburg’s busy port celebrated launching of the paddle-powered ferry boats Delphin and Phonix. When retired 65 years later, they were still operating full steam ahead at 11 knots on an 18-hour-per-day schedule. Right up to the last, they serve as modest examples of one of the world’s most famous examples of Blohm & Voss shipbuilding quality.