Lubricant top tips for vessel operators

Water view of marine vessel

ExxonMobil has created a four-point plan that offers simple lubricant-related recommendations for vessel operators. Follow these steps to help enhance your equipment performance, improve maintenance team efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Choosing a lubricant: Upgrading to a high performance synthetic lubricant from a mineral oil can help lower maintenance costs and increase wear protection. It can also deliver longer oil life and improve overall energy efficiency.

Streamline your inventory: Using multipurpose synthetic lubricants, such as the Mobil SHC™ 600 range of oils for marine gears and bearings, can rationalise the number of products purchased and simplify inventory stock control.

Storage and handling: Lubricants can deteriorate if handled incorrectly. Therefore, always use the correct lifting equipment to avoid container damage, only fill containers in clean conditions and avoid storage areas that reach extreme temperatures. Also, do not mix products and always replace lids and bungs.

Used oil analysis: ExxonMobil has recently launched Mobil ServSM Lubricant Analysis. This next gen state-of-the-art service can detect potential equipment failures before they happen, which can reduce unscheduled downtime. It can also help cut lubricant consumption and disposal costs.