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ExxonMobil and Fathom Maritime Intelligence Issue Report on the Future of Cylinder Oil Lubrication

ExxonMobil and Fathom Maritime Intelligence Issue Report on the Future of Cylinder Oil Lubrication

  • New fuels and environmental legislation adding complexity to cylinder oil selection
  • Report provides marine operators with insights on future cylinder oil selection
  • Report can be freely downloaded from here

LONDON – ExxonMobil and the marine consultancy Fathom Maritime Intelligence have developed a report that examines the future of cylinder oil lubrication and provides advice to help vessel operators make informed decisions regarding their current and future cylinder oil choices.

Cylinder lubrication is becoming an increasingly complex part of day-to-day vessel management. Environmental regulations and a move to slow steaming continue to complicate engine operations. It is therefore important that vessel operators understand how these factors impact on cylinder oil selection to help optimise engine performance and reduce costs.

“The impending cut to the global marine fuel sulphur cap to 0.50% will pose a further challenge for the marine industry, and the need to switch fuels when entering and leaving emission control areas (ECAs) remains an operational complexity,” said Iain White, Global Marketing Manager, Marine Fuels and Lubricants for ExxonMobil. “Add in the growing influence of the energy efficiency design index (EEDI) and NOx regulations and it’s clear that vessel operation has never been more complex.”

The report provides cylinder oil best practises, which can help minimise maintenance and optimise engine operation through the selection of the most appropriate lubricant. It also highlights the increased importance of initiating an effective monitoring programme, such as MobilGard™ Cylinder Condition Monitoring, in order to better understand how the changing marine fuels landscape is affecting engine and cylinder oil performance.

“Choosing the most suitable cylinder oil is increasingly complicated – that’s why we’ve collaborated on this report,” said Fathom’s Managing Director, Alison Jarabo. “By combining ExxonMobil’s lubricant expertise with our marine industry understanding we have been able to create a comprehensive document that can help vessel operators exploit our combined insights and knowhow.”

The free report can be downloaded from here. For further information on ExxonMobil’s high performance cylinder oil solutions click here.

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