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Air Canada keeps more flights on track

Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 jet turbine oil helps airline minimize maintenance costs

The customer: Air Canada

  • Canada’s largest airline fleet and passenger carrier
  • Serves 207 destinations around the world
  • Operates more than 1,500 scheduled flights daily

The challenge

Air Canada takes seriously its mission to provide trouble-free, dependable service to its schedule of business, leisure and cargo customers. Determined to go beyond maintaining its record of reliability, the airline initiated a testing program to determine whether it could further minimize engine repair and maintenance costs to keep more flights on track.

Over 60K hours of flight tests showed Mobil Jet Oil 387 delivered oustanding engine cleanliness and seal compatibility.


More than 60,000 hours of extensive flight tests on both the CF6 and CF34 engines showed that Mobil Jet Oil 387 lubricant delivered outstanding engine cleanliness as well as exceptional seal compatibility. By minimizing engine repair and maintenance costs, Mobil Jet Oil 387 jet turbine oil helps keep more flights on track, which helps Air Canada deliver on its mission to provide customers with a reliable experience.

Air Canada manager of propulsion engineering discussing ExxonMobil.

More information

For more information about how Mobil Jet Oil 387 can help your fleet, contact your ExxonMobil aviation sales representative or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

This testimonial is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of aircraft used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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