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Austrian Airlines maximizes operational stability

Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 jet turbine oil helps airline protect engines that power Embraer 195 aircraft

The customer: Austrian Airlines

  • Subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group
  • Operates diverse fleet of nearly 90 aircraft
  • Global route network of roughly 130 destinations, the majority located outside of Central and Eastern Europe
  • Understands the complexities of managing a worldwide fleet
  • Prides itself on punctuality and technical reliability

The challenge

As an airline that operates in extreme environments, Austrian Airlines wanted to:

  • Maintain efficiency of GE CF34 engines on its 17 Embraer 195 aircraft
  • Avoid potential coking, which can cause problems including:
    • Aircraft turn-back
    • Lost revenue-generating hours
    • In-flight shutdowns
    • Impeded engine performance
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Coke is the solid residue created when oil undergoes severe oxidative and thermal breakdown at extreme engine temperatures. The higher the temperature, the harder, blacker and more brittle the coke/deposit residue. Coking performance of oil varies based on formulation and the engine’s environmental conditions.

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The solution

ExxonMobil lubrication experts encouraged the airline to upgrade to a High Performance Capability (HPC) oil equipped to serve as an Embraer fleetwide solution – Mobil Jet Oil 387 jet turbine oil. Mobil Jet Oil 387 is formulated to:

  • Withstand high operating temperatures compared to a Standard Type II oil
  • Protect against coking while being gentle on elastomers*
  • Provide deposit control and protection against coking in rear bearings to ensure that CF34 engines operate as efficiently as possible
  • Protect integrated drive generators (IDGs) and auxiliary power units (APUs)

Given its ability to help streamline inventory and deliver a wide range of performance benefits, Austrian Airlines followed ExxonMobil’s technical guidance and converted to Mobil Jet Oil 387 turbine oil as a fleetwide solution for its Embraer 195 aircraft.

*Based on ExxonMobil laboratory data and documented experience from service evaluations in the same or related engine technologies.

Austrian airlines head of propulsion discussing Mobil Jet Oil.


Austrian Airlines has experienced in-service cycles of 5,000-9,000 flight hours since switching to Mobil Jet Oil 387 jet turbine oil.

Providing Austrian Airlines consistent performance for many years, Mobil Jet™ Oil II gas turbine lubricant continues to protect its aircraft powered by CFM International’s CFM56 engines. This long-standing experience, as well as the product’s design and performance, gave the airline reasons to believe in Mobil Jet Oil 387 lubricant’s ability to provide ideal protection for its CF34 engines.

More information

For more information about how Mobil Jet™ Oil 387 can help your fleet, contact your ExxonMobil aviation sales representative or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

This testimonial is based on the experience of a single customer. Actual results can vary depending upon the type of aircraft used and its maintenance, operating conditions and environment, and any prior lubricant used.

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