Mobilgard 300 C system oil

Mobilgard™ 300 C is a next-generation system oil specially engineered to help improve cleanliness in two-stroke crosshead diesel engines. Its balanced formulation combats deposits and sludge buildup, especially in the most susceptible engine components – such as the piston undercrown and crankcase.

Mobilgard 300 C system oil may help:

  • Result in cleaner engine components, helping bearing and gear life
  • Provide balanced anti-wear protection, even under high loads and at extreme temperatures
  • Protect against rust by enabling water separation
  • Extend maintenance intervals and lower operational costs

Mobilgard 300 C has received No Objection Letters from MAN Diesel & Turbo and WinGD (formerly Wärtsilä).

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Product Information

The high quality paraffinic base oils used in Mobilgard 300 C have excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance. The formulation includes proprietary detergent and anti-wear additive systems to deliver enhanced crankcase cleanliness, along with excellent protection for highly-loaded engine parts. Mobilgard 300 C also provides good rust protection in case of water contamination, and excellent water separation characteristics.

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