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Mobilgard™ 540 AC

Mobilgard™ 540 AC is a premium 40BN cylinder oil that has been granted Category II status by MAN ES for use in its Mark 9 and higher two-stroke marine diesel engine designs.

The premium lubricant was developed using ExxonMobil’s proprietary balanced formulation approach to meet the advanced cleanliness needs of these newer engines. It received a No Objection Letter from the engine builder following extensive field demonstrations.

Mobilgard 540 AC is also designed to deliver optimal lubrication at the elevated peak firing pressures and liner temperatures found in modern marine two-stroke engines. It can help:

benefits of Mobilgard 540 AC cylinder oil

Mobilgard 540 AC has demonstrated the ability to deliver advanced cleanliness and wear protection while optimising cylinder oil feed-rates and effectively managing acid neutralisation in a range of engines and fuel applications.

The Category II cylinder oil, which is applicable for use in all MAN two-stroke engines across LNG, distillate and very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFOs) operation, is recommended for its Mark 9 engines and higher.

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Product Information

Mobilgard 540 AC combines the use of high-quality, globally consistent base stocks with a superb additive formulation to provide superior detergency capability, which can lead to cleaner engine components.

It also offers outstanding resistance to oxidation and acid formation and delivers excellent deposit control even in at increased combustion temperatures and pressures, which are particularly prevalent in LNG fuel operation.

Mobilgard 540 AC is formulated to provide outstanding performance in marine crosshead engines operating on a wide variety of fuel applications, including continuous LNG use.

The Category II cylinder oil is applicable for all engines and recommended for MAN two-stroke engines Mark 9 and higher.

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