Discussing bio marine fuel blends at International Energy Week 2024

International Energy Week 2024, held in London at the end of February, was a great opportunity to meet up with colleagues and valued customers from around the marine industry. I’d like to thank everyone for some very productive conversations, especially around ways to support the maritime sector’s GHG emission reduction journey; an opportunity to introduce ExxonMobil’s range of drop-in solutions, bio marine fuel blends.

We currently offer a B25 ULSFO, a B30 VLSFO, a B7 MGO, a B10 HSFO and a B25 VLSFO in certain regions1 to help ensure our customers can access the right blend for their engine operations and their GHG emission reduction goals. The conversations were supported by ExxonMobil’s extended team of technical experts and sales representatives. Our wealth of industry expertise is already helping vessel operators reduce their lifecycle GHG emissions 2 without the need for costly engine modifications 3.

I’m looking forward to discussing ExxonMobil’s expanding range of innovative fuel options at International Energy Week 2025.

Pelin Gillis
Marine Fuels Sales Manager, BNL

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1 We offer B25 ULSFO and B30 VLSFO in the Ports of ARA Region, B7 MGO and B10 HSFO in the Ports of UK and B25 VLSFO in Singapore
2 Benefit based on bio marine fuel blends compared with conventional petroleum-based liquid marine fuels, calculated on an energy basis. Estimated well-to-wake GHG emissions reduction based on the default value data published in Annex V of Directive 2018/2001/EU of the European Parliament and in Annex II of the European Council ReFuel EU Maritime approach. Actual results may vary.
3 Consult with engine manufacturer. OEMs may limit bio blend percentages or specific bio components for certain engines.