The importance of transparency within marine fuel bunkering

The importance of transparency within marine fuel bunkering

Back in January, ExxonMobil hosted a media roundtable discussing the benefits of mass flow metering systems (MFMS) and how the technology encourages transparency in bunkering.

Although MFMS have repeatedly demonstrated their value, there are still some misconceptions about their benefits. To better understand how the marine industry views the use of MFMS, ExxonMobil listened to a range of maritime professionals who shared their experiences and opinions of the technology.

During the roundtable, Armelle Breneol, Marine Fuels Technical Advisor, and Eddie Fish, Market Development Advisor in Aviation & Marine Fuels, have presented the results of an in-depth report about how operators can reinforce bunker transparency.

Those insights can also be found in ExxonMobil’s Mass Flow Metering Systems white paper. Click here to read the full white paper.

Showcasing the industry’s focus on MFMS, IBIA, and BIMCO, has launched an online survey to identify to which extent the maritime industry believes there is a need for wider adoption of bunker licensing schemes and MFMS to improve market conditions. We look forward to hearing the insights from this and the continued roll out of MFMS around the world.