Mobilgard 540 AC announced

ExxonMobil announces Mobilgard™ 540 AC – a premium 40BN cylinder oil that meets MAN ES Category II requirements

ExxonMobil has developed Mobilgard™ 540 AC, a premium 40BN marine cylinder oil granted Category II status by MAN ES which is recommended for use in their Mark 9 and higher 2-stroke marine engine designs.

The premium lubricant, which has been formulated to deliver advanced cleanliness to meet the needs of these newer engines, has received a No Objection Letter from the engine builder following extensive field demonstrations.

ExxonMobil’s balanced formulation methodology ensures that Mobilgard™ 540 AC helps vessel operators wishing to simplify lubricant management through use of a single, low BN Category II cylinder oil.

The high-performance cylinder oil will be available to order from the third quarter of 2022 in key locations from ExxonMobil’s extensive ports network. To find out more, click here.