ExxonMobil announces Mobilgard™ 540 AC
ExxonMobil announces Mobilgard™ 540 AC

ExxonMobil announces Mobilgard™ 540 AC – a Category II oil recommended for use in Mark 9 and higher MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) 2-stroke marine diesel engines

Lubricant specifically formulated for advanced cleanliness, meeting MAN ES Category II requirements

  • Mobilgard™ 540 AC has received a No Objection Letter from MAN ES
  • Formulation delivers advanced cleanliness and has passed rigorous testing within latest engine designs
  • The 40BN oil is fully compatible with other MobilGard cylinder oils

London, 14 April 2022 – ExxonMobil has developed Mobilgard™ 540 AC, a premium 40BN marine cylinder oil granted Category II status by MAN ES for use in their Mark 9 and higher 2-stroke marine engine designs. The premium lubricant, which has been formulated to deliver advanced cleanliness to meet the needs of these newer engines, has received a No Objection Letter from the engine builder following extensive field demonstrations.

“Mobilgard™ 540 AC is one of the first 40BN lubricants to be granted Category II status,” said Yannis Chatzakis, Global Marine Technology Program Manager at ExxonMobil. “As the latest addition to the MobilGard family of cylinder oils, it builds on the brand’s extensive heritage of innovation, performance and reliability, helping provide peace of mind to vessel operators in a wide variety of operating conditions.”

ExxonMobil’s balanced formulation methodology ensures that Mobilgard™ 540 AC helps vessel operators wishing to simplify lubricant management through use of a single, low BN Category II cylinder oil. Operators can gain further confidence in the level of their engine’s reliability through implementation of an onboard scrape down oil analysis programme, such as Mobil Serv Cylinder Condition Monitoring.

The high-performance cylinder oil will be available to order from the third quarter of 2022 in key locations from ExxonMobil’s extensive network of more than 650 ports throughout the world.

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