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Mobilgard 540 AC press release 2

ExxonMobil announces further details on availability of Mobilgard™ 540 AC, an MAN Energy Solutions (MAN ES) Category II approved oil

Cylinder oil offers advanced cleanliness and will be available from November 2022 in major Asian shipyards and key global ports

  • A Category II oil recommended for use in MAN ES Mark 9 and higher 2-stroke marine diesel engines
  • Delivers exceptional cleanliness due to excellent detergency
  • Mobilgard™ 540 AC has passed stringent fit-for-use assessments

London, 5th September 2022 – ExxonMobil has announced further details on the availability of Mobilgard™ 540 AC, a cylinder oil that has been granted Category II status by MAN ES and recommended for use in its Mark 9 and higher 2-stroke marine engine designs.

Building on a global network of manufacturing locations and reliable distribution channels, Mobilgard™ 540 AC will be available from November 2022, in major Asian shipyards and key ports around the world, including Singapore, Rotterdam and Houston.

The principal Category II requirement is centred around piston and ring pack cleanliness. Mobilgard™ 540 AC is a 40BN cylinder oil engineered using ExxonMobil’s proprietary balanced formulation approach and has also passed stringent fit-for-use assessments. It can help:

  • Deliver exceptional cleanliness with low-sulphur fuel due to high level of detergency
  • Combat deposits and scuffing-related engine wear associated with low-sulphur fuels
  • Ensure performance even in severe operating conditions as a result of excellent thermal and oxidative stability

“Many vessel operators use a combination of Category I 40BN and Category II 100BN cylinder oils in alternating patterns, based on guidance from MAN ES, to meet the required cleanliness performance. This can cause complexity,” said Yannis Chatzakis, Global Marine Technology Program Manager at ExxonMobil. “A switch to Mobilgard™ 540 AC offers a single solution, helping vessel operators optimise their inventory and also gain access to a range of performance benefits.”

Full details on the availability of Mobilgard™ 540 AC can be viewed on our Ports & Services Guide -

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