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ExxonMobil issues advice to help marine industry manage 2020 switchover

When preparing for the changes brought by the upcoming global sulphur cap, the most obvious concern for many operators is around their fuel options. However, that choice is likely to impact cylinder oil selection, too.

In order to assist vessel operators in preparing for these transitions, ExxonMobil will be launching a step-by-step guide on how to safely and efficiently switch fuels and lubricants ahead of the IMO deadline.

The guide, which will be launched this month, will provide invaluable information on:

  • Key considerations for fuel selection ahead of the sulphur cap implementation
  • Technical challenges to consider in switching to compliant fuels
  • Stock management of existing lubricants and technical advice on switching to Mobilgard™ 540

Visit our dedicated webpage for the latest news and further insights on your 'Journey to 2020.

  • ships at sea

    Journey to 2020

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