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ExxonMobil Launches Mobilgard™ 300 C marine system engine oil

ExxonMobil Launches Mobilgard™ 300 C marine system engine oil

Next generation oil designed to help maximise performance of slow-speed engines

  • Delivers enhanced engine cleanliness
  • Enables improved protection of highly loaded engine parts
  • Approved by MAN and Wärtsilä for use in two-stroke, crosshead marine engines

LONDON, UK – ExxonMobil has launched Mobilgard 300 C, a high-performance system oil for two-stroke, crosshead marine diesel engines operating under severe conditions. Compared with conventional system oils, Mobilgard 300 C offers superior engine cleanliness, better engine protection and longer oil life.

Formulated with a unique detergent system, Mobilgard 300 C oil delivers enhanced crankcase cleanliness, which helps to prevent buildup of piston undercrown deposits. The new system oil performs well even in the presence of moderate amounts of contamination by cylinder oil or heavy fuel oil while its antiwear additive system provides excellent protection for highly loaded engine parts such as gear drives and bearings.

Mobilgard 300 C is a high-performance system oil that is formulated to optimise the performance and extend the life of slow-speed marine engines,” said Iain White, Global Marine Marketing Manager for ExxonMobil. “It has been developed with a proprietary detergent system to ensure it delivers enhanced engine cleanliness and helps vessel operators increase reliability and reduce operating costs.”

The oil is specifically designed with an additive package that ensures high temperature oxidation resistance, making it less susceptible to viscosity thickening and deposits. In addition, Mobilgard 300 C oil offers excellent demulsibility performance, enabling the oil to easily separate from water helping to prevent poor lubricity, corrosion and rust in the engine. Mobilgard 300 C oil is approved for use in the latest design engines from MAN Diesel & Turbo and Wärtsilä.

Alongside Mobilgard 300 C, ExxonMobil has a range of Mobilgard™ cylinder oils to help optimise the performance of two-stoke engines. This includes Mobilgard™ 5100, a high-performance cylinder oil specially formulated to mitigate cold corrosion in new design two-stroke marine engines operating on heavy fuel oil.

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