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Mass flow metering system ensured secure and efficient fuel delivery


A leading container shipping company first took on fuel using ExxonMobil’s Mass Flow Metering System (MFMS) early in 2015 and the advantages over tank gauging were immediately obvious.

By directly measuring fuel mass rather than volume a MFMS provides vessel operators with a refuelling process that offers increased accuracy and efficiency when compared with traditional manual measurement methods.

The automated and fully calibrated system reduces the risk of human error and eradicates the potential effects of changing environmental conditions. Together these features can provide valuable cost savings.

“The use of a sealed system improves security of delivery, providing both certainty and peace of mind,” said the company’s bunkering manager.

In addition, a MFMS can also offer significant time savings, with the potential to save up to three hours per delivery.

Find out how ExxonMobil’s Mass Flow Metering System can help improve your bunkering accuracy and efficiency by contacting an ExxonMobil representative.
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    Mass flow metering system (MFMS)

    ExxonMobil is the first accredited bunker fuel supplier to introduce a mass flow metering system (MFMS) in Singapore and Hong Kong to enhance the reliability and integrity of fuel quantity measurement.

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