Yannis Chatzakis

Formulating the answers to the marine industry’s most challenging lubrication questions

The International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of international shipping – by at least 40% by 2030, moving to 70% by 2050, compared with 2008 – is likely to dramatically change the fuels landscape. To meet these objectives, new fuel formulations are already being developed as well as wholly new engine configurations.

Significantly, these new fuels and engine designs – covering both two- and four-stroke applications – will create new challenges for lubricants; they will still need to ensure the same levels of engine protection but in radically different engine environments. It’s a big task as the potential fuel options, such as biofuels, LNG, methanol, ammonia and hydrogen, all have unique operational characteristics, which in turn will likely require bespoke lubricant formulations.

Developing tomorrow’s lubricants

To ensure our customers have confidence in the lubricants they need, now and in the future, ExxonMobil is working with a range of marine industry stakeholders to develop tomorrow’s lubricants, today. The information we receive from our industry partners provides us with invaluable insights we can leverage to help ensure that we continue to support the marine industry’s move to a lower carbon future.

The journey to a lower carbon future has already begun – the IMO’s first carbon reduction target is less than eight years away. To help ensure a seamless transition, vessel operators should already be asking questions – about their possible fuel options and about how these choices will impact their lubricant selection.

We’re already underway

ExxonMobil has started to formulate the answers to some of the marine industry’s most challenging lubrication questions. We are already trialling new products – next-generation lubricants developed using our balanced formulation methodology. The aim: to develop the products and services our customers can rely on to help them navigate a safe and successful journey towards a lower carbon future.

Yannis Chatzakis, Global Marine Technology Program Manager, ExxonMobil

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