Four people in front of a presentation screen.

ExxonMobil hosts technical symposiums to support lower GHG emissions in marine shipping

ExxonMobil recently hosted a series of lubricants customer events to discuss how vessel operators can safely and efficiently achieve the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) ambition to reduce the carbon intensity of the international shipping sector.

The symposiums, which took place in Korea, Rotterdam and Athens, included contributions for maritime experts, who shared their thoughts and insights as part of an informed debate about a shared lower GHG emission future.

“We would like to extend a special thanks to both MAN Energy Solutions and WinGD for joining the presentations in Rotterdam and Athens and sharing their views and insights,” said Glen Sharkowicz, Aviation and Marine Lubricants Marketing Manager. “We also really appreciate the invaluable contributions made by our customers, whose lively participation turned the seminars into enjoyable networking events.”

Sharing knowledge is an essential part of our industry’s continued success and we always welcome the opportunity to hear from others across the maritime sector. The events in Athens, Rotterdam and Korea more than fulfilled these aims and we are delighted that people found time in their busy schedules to attend.

To discover more, download our white paper ‘Charting a path to more sustainable shipping’, which is available here.