Marine tanker ship

Deep sea

ExxonMobil’s full range of marine lubricants – paired with industry-leading technical services – helps enhance the efficiency of your operation. Discover how our global network can help you overcome the challenges your vessels face to drive overall performance.

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  • Marine tanker ship

    Mobilgard™ 5100 cylinder oil

    Enhances the performance of two-stroke marine diesel engines operating on heavy fuel oil and helps prevent corrosion.

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  • Aerial view of a ship in the water

    Mobilgard™ 570 cylinder oil

    Designed for two-stroke marine diesel engines operating on heavy fuel oil with a sulphur content of up to 3.5 per cent.

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  • Cargo vessel at sea

    Mobilgard™ 540 cylinder oil

    Engineered for compliance, Mobilgard™ 540 cylinder oil provides optimal protection for vessels operating on 0.50% sulphur fuels under the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) 2020 emission regulations.

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  • Front aerial view on container ship in the water

    Mobilgard™ 300 C system oil

    Next-generation system oil specially engineered to help improve cleanliness in two-stroke crosshead diesel engines.

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  • Signum Marine Fuels and Lubricant Analysis engineer testing lubricant

    Mobil Serv℠ Lubricant Analysis

    This state-of- the-art programme helps you prolong engine life, avoid unscheduled downtime and maintain equipment reliability.

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  • Mobil Serv℠ Cylinder Condition Monitoring

    Our advanced, next-generation condition monitoring service designed to improve your engine performance.

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  • Carrier ship in the sunset

    Mobilgard™ 5100 use reduces cold corrosion impact and oil consumption

    The container vessel JPO Tucana switched cylinder oils and reduced feed rates by 45 per cent.

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  • SAME AS #0053

    Marine engine cold corrosion

    Learn about cold corrosion and how ExxonMobil marine lubricants can help protect your engine from cold corrosion and liner wear.

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  • Container ship with cargo on open water

    Slow-speed cylinder and system oils

     Our MobilGard™ slow-speed cylinder and system oils offer high-performance lubrication and enhanced protection from mechanical wear, as well as helping to mitigate cold corrosion.

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  • Cargo shipping port at night

    Ports directory

    Use the lubricants ports and services directory to view our offer.

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